High Performance Loading Dock Levelers

The high performance team at McKee recognizes that the loading dock leveler is critical to the efficiency of your shipping & receiving operations.

McKee will help you to ensure that all your dock levelers and other equipment are designed to support the capacities and number of loads per day required by your operation. Your loading dock needs to be safe and efficient, with quality equipment.

At McKee, our experts will help you plan, select, install and maintain everything you need—regardless of the size of your facility.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Your loading dock crew works hard, but that doesn’t mean a mechanical dock leveler has to be labor intensive. Serco W Series mechanical dock levelers have set the industry standard for mechanical leveler durability, dependability and operator safety. With the W Series mechanical dock leveler, you’ll get standard Serco features like a CLEAN FRAME® design for easy removal of trash and debris in the leveler pit and SafeTFrame® design for structural support, plus premium features including a single point adjustment extension spring counterbalance, the POSI-TRAC unlimited float hold-down and the exclusive HYDRA CAM lip control to decrease walk-down force and improve lip extension. The total result is a dock leveler that’s easier to operate and provides an overall lower lifetime cost of ownership than conventional mechanical dock levelers.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Easy positioning with HYDRA CAM lip control, designed to decrease walk-down force on levelers
  • Structural steel safety legs offer emergency support without free float interference
  • Patented POSI-TRAC features smooth, fingertip operation to save time and energy
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides first-rate structural support
  • CLEAN FRAME® design makes cleanup and maintenance easy
  • Unique steel extension spring counterbalance includes a single point adjustment for added durability
  • Integral maintenance strut with lockout capability to support the deck during cleaning and routine maintenance

Air-Powered Dock Levelers

If your loading dock relies on a sturdy dock leveler that requires minimal maintenance, an air-powered loading dock leveler is the proven choice. Using the same advanced air-powered technology as heavy lifting industries such as mining, building and construction, the Serco AB Series air-powered dock leveler is rugged enough to provide operational efficiency without all the backbreaking efforts required from more manual dock levelers. It includes all the Serco standard features, along with the durability of a rugged, reinforced coated polyester fiber air bag that can withstand anything from chemical spills to extreme weather conditions and even minor punctures. And with no springs and no-hold-down, you won’t have to worry about costly replacements or repairs down the road, lowering maintenance and service costs for years of trouble-free operation.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Easy positioning with HYDRA CAM lip control, designed to decrease walk-down force on levelers
  • CLEAN FRAME® design allows wide-open access to the leveler pit for easy cleanup and routine maintenance
  • Simple push-button activation on interior loading dock wall to raise the deck effortlessly
  • Low-pressure air bag technology offers a tough, highly reliable performance
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides first-rate structural support
  • Optional Reflex Anti-Stump-Out System provides fluid free-float motion and a measure of free-fall protection
  • Integral maintenance strut for deck support during routine maintenance and cleaning

PAL Series Power-Assisted Dock Levelers

Today’s fast-moving loading dock environment requires a dock leveler that’s both reliable and flexible enough to keep up. That’s where the Serco PAL series power-assisted dock leveler comes in. This rugged loading dock leveler combines the durability of a mechanical dock leveler and the high performance of hydraulic operation, while remaining functional even in the event of a power loss through a manual override device. It’s the perfect blend of power, performance and peace of mind.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Manual override allows leveler to remain operational, even in the event of a power outage
  • Power-assist activation system provides very low electrical installation costs and efficient power usage through life of leveler
  • Exclusive HYDRA CAM lip extension automatically extends lip at full height
  • CLEAN FRAME® design allows wide-open access to the leveler pit for easy cleanup and routine maintenance
  • Simple push-button activation on interior loading dock wall to raise the deck effortlessly
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides first-rate structural support
  • Structural steel safety legs include Reflex Anti-Stump-Out System for fluid free-float motion and a measure of free-fall protection
  • Integral maintenance strut and lip support latch for deck and lip support during routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Optional Dock-Guard Barrier Lip prevents accidental forklift run-off

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

When you’re looking for the best in the industry, Serco hydraulic loading dock levelers are your answer. Since the Serco brand was first established in 1958, its hydraulic loading dock levelers have stood the test of time. Today, you’ll find Serco hydraulic levelers in thousands of high-volume loading docks, proving themselves again and again through outstanding performance in strength, safety and durability. With standard features like HYDRA MAX lip extension, regenerative hydraulics, SafeTFrame® and CLEAN FRAME® design, Serco hydraulic loading dock levelers pair high performance with low maintenance, offering a safer, stronger dock leveler that’s become the preferred equipment choice for loading docks across the world.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Fast, easy and safe push-button operation
  • HYDRA MAX lip improves dock safety, while increasing the working life of product
  • Regenerative hydraulics system reduces maintenance and boosts productivity
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides superior structural strength and durability
  • Hydraulic velocity fuse prevents the leveler from free-fall anywhere in its working range
  • Exclusive CLEAN FRAME® design makes cleanup and maintenance easy
  • Split-box beam design adds strength and ability to conform to out-of-level conditions (45K and higher capacity models only)
  • Integral maintenance strut for deck with lockout capability
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Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Take control of your warehouse with a vertical storing dock leveler, ideal for climate-controlled facilities. Used by some of the world’s largest companies, Serco vertical dock levelers provide complete control over environment, safety, cleanliness and security, making them perfect for industries that store food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products that require careful monitoring of temperature changes. Vertical-storing dock levelers can be configured with an optional Thermal Guard Package to allow trailer doors to swing open into the building after the trailer has been docked, ensuring products like food, beverages and pharmaceuticals remain safe, while lowering energy bill costs and increasing productivity.

[H2] Smart Design Advantages:

  • Remote mounted control panel and mushroom-style stop buttons for complete leveler control
  • Power-in/power-out lip cylinder provides superior operational control and reduced maintenance
  • Patented hinged bottom draft pad maintains environmental control below leveler during loading/unloading
  • Remote mounted power unit provides better aesthetics, longevity and reduced maintenance
  • May be installed either on a shelf or in a pit
  • Clean pit embed design with no pit floor attachments
  • Run-off guards protect forklift and operator during loading/unloading operations
  • Integral maintenance locking bar for deck with lockout/tag-out capability
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ENERGY GUARD Dock Leveler Weatherseal

ENERGY GUARD® is the most effective way to prevent energy loss at your loading dock, as well as block dirt, debris and pests from getting inside. The superior perimeter dock leveler seal closes off any gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls that are typically missed by traditional sealing options, preventing air from seeping in or out while protecting your loading dock. And because no fabric is exposed to the face of the loading dock wall (where trailers and debris could easily cause damage), ENERGY GUARD has proven long-term durability. Even further, there’s no scheduled maintenance needed. When you need improved cleanliness and energy efficiency, ENERGY GUARD is the dock leveler weather seal to choose.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Factory installed on new equipment orders, no field installation needed
  • Simple and effective design means no parts or assemblies are installed under the dock leveler or pit floor
  • Long-term durability with no fabric exposed to the face of the loading dock wall
  • Expanded sealing range creates an effective perimeter seal up to 9” above dock level. Seal assemblies rotate during operation rather than scrape the pit wall, so no scheduled maintenance is required
  • Rear hinge seal assembly’s durable 2-ply material flexes during operation to block air flow at the rear

Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Serco edge-of dock levelers are an effective, affordable alternative to portable plates. This loading dock leveler mounts to the face of the dock to make loading and unloading trailers easier, and is ideal for medium traffic loading docks. With a simple, push-button style, you’ll get the reliable durability you’re seeking, with improved performance that doesn’t break your budget.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Open lug-style front lip hinge for improved strength
  • Tire laminated dock bumpers for ultimate protection
  • Reduced crown and extended beveled lip for ease of transition
  • EZ-Hang™ installation tabs to simplify installation and ensure proper alignment.
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Dock-Guard Barrier Lip

Prevent accidental roll-off with the assistance of a Serco Dock-Guard Barrier Lip, capable of withstanding impact from a 15,000 lbs. load moving at 5 mph. This super durable barrier lip is stronger than conventional dock leveler lips and requires no additional maintenance. Its solid construction makes it one of the longest lasting lip designs in the industry providing full-time safety and dependability.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • In the stored position, the leveler lip extends above the deck, providing a full-time steel barrier.
  • In the extended position, the lip remains flush with the leveler deck.
  • In a below loading dock application, the safety barrier lip prevents a forklift’s front wheels from accidentally rolling off the leveler.

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