Airplane Hangar Door Solutions

The most common use for hangar doors is to protect aircraft and equipment within the hangar. A faulty or inoperable hangar door would cause long and costly unexpected delays getting airplanes and other aircraft out of the hangar. Faulty hangar doors also lead to a decrease in security for your aircraft and other items kept inside the hangar.

Since hangar doors are often very large, it’s important that all the seals are maintained and in good condition to avoid dust and debris from coming into the hangar to ensure a clean environment for the aircraft and equipment.

Hangar Door Inspection:

Regular inspections are necessary to provide peace of mind and confidence that you are creating a safe working environment. Semi-annual or annual inspections allow technicians to clean and lubricate mechanical components, protect against rust, and extend the life of critical operational mechanisms.

Maintenance & Repair:

While general wear and tear over time is inevitable, regular maintenance can help prevent costly emergency repairs. Our technicians are trained on all aspects of hangar door systems, including tracks, rollers, safety devices, locks, and electrical components.

Upgrades, Refurbishments, and Customization:

Our experience allows us to source most parts for any model, regardless of its age or construction. Our proficiency extends to all aspects of airplane hangar doors, including straps, safety edges, lock arms, and automated motors.  Repairing a door is typically more cost effective than replacing it. Our technicians offer solutions on the best options to help save you time and money.