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At McKee, we know all about the dangers of working with large machinery and trucks. There’s a lot to look out for, and that’s why we offer a plethora of safety products to keep your loading dock out of harm’s way. It may sound intimidatingbut don’t worry, below is an overview of all our safety features and their importance to your loading dock.

Dock Levelers

A dock lever is arguably one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for your operation. These metal fixtures are used to load and unload trucks. Choosing the correct type is critical due to their  varying functionalities. McKee offers high performance loading dock levelers that support your operation’s size and capacity. Our team will help you select and install your dock leveler, and we have plenty to pick from.

But why are levelers so important to your operation? They improve safety significantly. Not only are they sturdy and able to lift heavy loads, they also prevent accidents by creating  an easy transition to and from loading docks. Some other benefits include increased productivity, shock absorption, and low maintenance.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints are a vital part of a loading dock safety system. Their duty is to lock trailers into position at the loading dock when loading and unloading. This prevents the truck from pulling out too soon or rolling out of place.

Vehicle restraints play a huge role in safety by avoiding accidents like trailer creep, which is when trucks accidentally move from the loading dock. They also help close the gap between the vehicle and the dock, which is a safety hazard that employees can fall through. Besides safety, restraints can reduce the chance of vehicles being stolen Check out all of the vehicle restraints we have to offer. 

Dock seals & shelters

Dock seals and shelters may seem to be very similar, but they have a distinct difference. It’s super important to consider this when choosing the right one. Dock seals are made of a foam pad that locks around the trailer when backing into a dock and seals at the front. Dock shelters are more flexible and have a frame with curtains that surround the door. Trucks are able to pull under the frame and then seals at the rear.

One of the great benefits of seals and shelters is their ability to keep things out of the workplace such as rain, bugs, and high winds. All of these can cause unsafe working conditions for your employees, like slipping, falling, or exposure to illness. They also help protect merchandise and improve security at the loading dock.

Yard & dock management software

With McKee’s yard & dock management software, you’re able to get better control and visibility over your entire loading dock. 4SIGHT Logistics Solution allows you to see when and where trailers are in real time. 4SIGHT also has features like automated dock appointment scheduling, tracking equipment usage, employee ID authorization, and virtual door and trailer lockdowns.

This keeps your operation safe by keeping an eye out for all the trucks, loading docks, and employees. You may be able to catch when something’s wrong and prevent an accident. The employee ID authorization and trailer lockdowns also offer security to your loading dock.

Having a safe work environment is essential when dealing with heavy equipment. With these features and products, your operation will be worry free in no time. Contact McKee Door today for assistance on our products.