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January 10, 2023

Air curtains have become increasingly popular in recent years—particularly in warehouse and loading dock environments—and for good reason. These innovative devices offer a range of benefits, from improving employee comfort to reducing energy costs. To put it simply, air curtains are a win-win for everyone.

What are Air Curtains?

Air curtains, also known as air doors, are devices that create a barrier of air across an open doorway or entrance. This barrier of air acts as a seal, preventing the transfer of heat, cold, and contaminants from one space to another. Air curtains are typically installed above loading dock doors or warehouse entrances and can be used to separate two environments, such as a temperature-controlled area and a non-temperature-controlled area.

Benefits of Air Curtains

1) Improved Employee Comfort

One of the primary benefits of air curtains is that they can help improve employee comfort. In warehouse and loading dock environments, temperatures can vary widely depending on the time of year and the type of goods being stored. Air curtains help to maintain a consistent temperature in the work area, making it more comfortable for employees to work in.

2) Reduced Energy Costs

Air curtains are an energy-efficient solution for warehouses and loading docks. By creating a barrier of air, they help to prevent the transfer of heat or cold air, which can result in significant energy savings. Air curtains can be hugely beneficial in temperature-controlled environments where maintaining a consistent temperature is critical.

3) Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air curtains can also help to improve indoor air quality by preventing the transfer of dust, pollen, and other contaminants from one area to another. With loading docks having several to dozens of open bays leading directly outside, air curtains keep all unwanted debris out of your dock. Air curtains are also commonly found above store entrances with automatic doors—you’ve likely walked under hundreds of them.

Air curtain for loading dock and overhead doors installed above a sliding door

4) Enhanced Pest Control

Air curtains can also be used as a form of pest control. By creating a barrier of air, they can prevent pests such as insects and rodents from entering the warehouse or loading dock area. This is particularly important for warehouses that store food or other perishable goods.

5) Increased Productivity

Finally, air curtains can help to increase productivity in the workplace. By maintaining a consistent temperature, improving air quality, and reducing the presence of pests, employees can work more efficiently and comfortably, resulting in increased productivity.

McKee Has the Air Curtains You Need

So, there you have it. Air curtains are an essential addition to any warehouse or loading dock environment, offering a range of benefits from improving employee comfort to reducing energy costs. By creating a barrier of air, they help to maintain a consistent temperature, prevent the transfer of contaminants, and enhance pest control. Ultimately, air curtains can help to create a safer, more comfortable, and more productive workplace for employees.