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Commercial Air Curtains

Powered Aire Inc Commercial Air Curtains

"Since 1997, Powered Aire has specialized in manufacturing stainless steel air curtains. American-made quality, innovation, leadership, service, and community are our core values. Powered Aire’s series of commercial air doors brings versatility to the retail, restaurant, and healthcare industries. From low-profile, to exposed, to in-ceiling air curtain mounting configurations, there’s a solution for every commercial space. Powered Aire’s commercial air curtains feature stainless steel construction, low-noise plenum discharge, and a variety of heating and control options that make this product line the superior choice for commercial buildings."

Powered Aire Products include:

Customer Entry Air Curtains

Customer entry air curtains are specially designed for entry doors where customer satisfaction is essential. Our air doors come in a variety of models to fit seamlessly into any architectural design.

Vestiblue Exception Air Curtains

Vestibule Exception air curtains are tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 220 to be used as an exception to the vestibule requirement per guidelines of the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code. Form an invisible air barrier in lieu of a vestibule in your commercial space with a Powered Aire air curtain.

Climate Control Air Curtains

Climate control air curtains stop cold or warm air from entering a climate-controlled or -conditioned environment. These models promote energy savings and help maintain temperature at door openings.

Air Curtains for Insect Control

Insect Control air curtains, also called fly fans, serve as an air barrier that prevents entry of insects, dust, and other airborne contaminants.

Air Curtain for Pass Thru Window

The Pass Thru Window air curtain is compact, lightweight, and ideal for any pass-thru/drive-thru window application. Eliminate unwanted dust and fumes from drive thru windows with an air curtain.